We are just ordinary people who believe the bible and have found in Jesus Christ a real friend - someone who offers salvation and forgiveness, who gives peace and strength for daily living and hope for the life to come.  If you don’t already, you can know this life too.


We celebrate the Lord’s Supper twice a month and this is open to all who love the Lord Jesus and seek to follow Him.  


We practice the Baptism of Believers by immersion in accordance with our understanding of the bible, which we believe to be the inspired word of God.


Our Purpose as a Church is to glorify God, to engage the whole Church in Mission, and to lead people to a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As a church we seek to grow together with God, sharing Jesus with others and seeing lives changed by the Holy Spirit.


You are assured of a real welcome at Blackhill Baptist Church.


Gary Collier (Minister).